Life Update!

In my opinion, I think it’s time for a little life update… There’s some big news!

To start things off, I turned 17 in March and had a great birthday! I recently at the end of the school year found out I get to graduate early (January 2019)! I had more than enough credits at the end of my junior year, I just needed PIG and economics in order to graduate, which I haven’t taken yet, hence why i have to wait until January to actually graduate.

My mom bought a new house, and my dad’s girlfriend of 5 years (that he just told me about a few days ago) is coming to live with us for six months since she lives in Taiwan. So yeah, that’s gonna be a huge adjustment. My parents JUST separated now he’s already having us meet his girlfriend. Whatever, I’ll keep an open mind about it all.

Here’s part of the big news- I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! Yes, I know, I’m only 17 and he’s only 20, that’s really young to get engaged. But I found someone I love with my entire heart plus more and who loves me back, so feelings are mutual. Getting engaged young just means we have more time to do things together. It isn’t necessarily rushing things, but people are still gonna hate no matter what the circumstances are. As long as we’re happy with the decisions we make, which we are, we’re fine.

This goes along with the big news, and might actually be even BIGGER news! I’m pregnant! And before you ask- no, that is not why we got engaged. We got engaged in April and I just found out we have a baby on the way. However, it’s too early in the pregnancy to really talk about it with anyone except my fiancĂ©. If everything continues to go well, expect more updates!!

Thanks for reading guys, what’s been new with you?!