Beach Essentials

Since it’s summertime now, obviously a lot of people are going to be taking beach vacations- I know I am! Whenever I go to the beach, I ALWAYS make sure I bring some specific things, if I forget even one I could spend the whole trip being miserable or self conscious, etc. To make your life a little easier this summer, I’m gonna tell you some of my personal beach essentials and must-haves!

Bring maybe two dresses that are lightweight and flowey, and can easily go over a bathing suit and still look cute. This works great as a bathing suit cover-up, if you’re walking the boardwalk shopping, or even going out to dinner! Make sure the bathing suit isn’t too noticeable unless you want to style it in a way where it shows. 

DON’T FORGET LIGHT PAJAMAS! We need our beauty sleep girls!

Of course you’re going to pack a pair of flip flops, it’s the beach! Add into your suitcase a second pair just incase one breaks or they flatten out and become uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to have to walk the streets barefoot, walk through the beach in sneakers, or have to buy another pair that near a beach would cost $500!

Bring a pair of sandals to wear when you take walks, whether it be on the boardwalk or just walking around wherever. Plus, wearing a pair of sandals can easily make an outfit more suitable for resturants.

BRING WORKOUT CLOTHES! You should try finding a quiet and peaceful spot to try yoga on the beach either in the morning or evening. It’s extra meditating with real life beach sounds and smells, and it’s incredibly relaxing. I highly recommend this for anyone! Even if you just plan on running on the beach and not a road, bring a pair of sneakers! It’s so much easier to run in the newly wet sand with sneakers on rather than going barefoot as if you’re walking on the beach. In addition to this, bring a refillable water bottle with you and clothes that are actually meant for exercise. You don’t wanna end up running in jean shorts and a blouse do you?

Bring a hat, whether it be a sun hat or just a regular hat- bring it! You can put it over your face when you’re tanning if you want, or wear it when reading a book on the beach to help keep the sun out of your face. Going along with this, you probably already guessed I’m going to say sunglasses. DING DING DING, you’re right! Bring two pairs incase something happens to one pair such as getting lost or broken. Sunglasses are obviously a must-have right?!

Along with packing regular bras, pack a strapless one and some bandeaus with you! Super cute, and doesn’t take up too much space.

Don’t forget a few bathing suits and towels of course! But also, NEVER FORGET YOUR UNDERWEAR!

Bring a crossbody purse. They’re small, and easy to carry around. They work perfectly when you’re shopping on a boardwalk or in the outlets, and they aren’t heavy! Inside your bag, bring a wristlet wallet incase you feel like just bringing that instead of a purse, and add in some feminine necessities even if it’s not needed. You always wanna be prepared!

DO NOT FORGET LOTION! Lotion hydrates your skin so much and makes it glow! Glowing and silky skin is perfect at the beach, or anywhere during the summer! They sell tinted moisturizer so you can use that as a foundation substitute when doing your makeup! Bring waterproof mascara in your makeup bag too so it doesn’t sweat off, and foundation with SPF included in it if you don’t have a tinted moisturizer. To keep your legs smooth, don’t ever forget your razor and shaving cream… Have a small perfume bottle and mini deodorant on you AT ALL TIMES! Keep it in your crossbody if you want, that’s what I do. You never know when you’re gonna see a hot guy and wanna smell good!

Never ever forget your tanning oil or tanning lotion! Beaches are, as you know, the best place to get a glowing tan. If your skin burns easily though, bring spray sunscreen. It’s easy to apply and gives you better coverage from the sun than tanning products. If you’re prone to burning a lot, don’t forget aloe vera gel or another after-sun product to help soothe a sunburn. 

Make sure to bring any miscellaneous necessities such as chargers, medicine, your tooth brush, camera and batteries, ID, earbuds, etc. 

Have a great summer!

I hope this helps you when packing for a trip to the beach, comment what you keep in your beach bag!
-XOXO Casey


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