10 Beauty Hacks!

Hey guys,  I was on break at work today so I decided to go on to Pinterest, and guess what? I came across a bunch of life hacks! They vary from including dryer sheets to bobby pins, quite a wide variety. I decided to label them as beauty hacks, because they all have something to do with that specific category. Along with some of the hacks I found on Pinterest, I decided to add in some of my own that might not be recognized as much, but work amazing! Here they are:

  • Frizzy, staticy hair? Put a dryer sheet on your brush, and continue brushing your hair that way. By doing this the dryer sheet helps to get rid of the static in your hair very well. It’s an easy thing to do since most people have dryer sheets for their laundry, and it’s fast, simple, and cheap!
  • After shaving, rub olive oil or a sugar scrub onto the area shaved. After you do this, shave the area again. By doing this, your dead skin comes off easier and leaves your skin even softer! Also, after you get out of the shower, rub coconut oil onto your legs, this makes them super shiny and smooth by hydrating them!
  • If you’re painting your nails and are in a rush, or if you’re just incredibly inpatient like myself, here’s an easy way to get them to dry faster! After applying the nail polish to your nails, have a cup of cold water ready to place your fingers into. Leave your nails submerged in the water for a few minutes, and the nail polish will come out dry when you remove your hand! Going along with the water, if your mascara is getting to the point where it’s clumpy and nearly gone, just put it in a cup of warm water and let it soak in it and it should re-liquify the mascara making it easier to apply.
  • When doing your makeup, there’s often times when mascara will get on your eyelid or other unwanted places. Don’t think you have to ruin all of your makeup to fix this! Simply wait for the mascara to dry, then carefully use a Q-tip to rub off that spot, it’ll be like it never happened, and this is much faster than redoing the whole section of makeup! In addition to this, Q-tips come in handy so much when doing winged eyeliner. To get that perfect, sharp, flick of the wing, wet a  Q-tip and carefully wipe on the outside of the wing until you get the desired effect.
  • When I was growing up, I always thought that when using bobby pins, the flat part goes on the bottom against your head, and the bumps face outwards. Well, as you probably guessed, I was wrong. The bumpy side helps to keep the bobby pin from moving around in your hair throughout the day, which is why that part goes on the bottom. The top side is flat as a way to make it blend in easier with your hair when facing uowards, and not be so noticeable to others.
  • After doing all your makeup, you sit back and examine all of your hard work. You notice your eyebrows aren’t quite on fleek… Yes, the dipbrow is on perfectly, but setting spray doesn’t keep your eyebrow hairs from getting messed up throughout the day. This is a quick and easy fix. Simply take an eyebrow brush, spray it with hairspray, then comb through your eyebrows until they’re all in the desired place. This leaves them so they’ll stay in place all day! Now your eyebrows are on fleek for sure!
  • Here’s an easy way to blot away excess oil on your face without messing up your makeup, without spending all your money on expensive blotting wipes, and without using a toilet seat cover, even though that works too… Just use a clean coffee filter to get rid of the oils on your face, this has the same effect as rice paper does when using it to blot away oil!
  • When doing your concealer, rather than applying a semi-circle underneath your eyes to cover dark circles, try making a downwards pointing triangle underneath your eyes. Doing this instead helps to blend down your cheeks and lift your face at the same time, as well as hiding the dark circles more thoroughly.
  • One of the most disappointing things that can happen is dropping your powder makeup, and when you pick it up you see that it’s now all cracked and you think you can’t use it anymore, so you just throw it away. Don’t throw it away! Grab some rubbing alcohol and use a toothpick to mix it in with the broken powdered makeup. After it dries it’s as good as new, like nothing ever happened! (If you smooth it out good, but like I said earlier, I don’t have that kind of patience…)
  • Lip scrubs can get expensive, so this hack will definitely save you some money! To get dead skin off your lips and leave them silky smooth, instead of using an exfoliater or sugar scrub, apply chapstick or lip balm to your lips, and use a toothbrush to brush away the dead skin.

I hope some of these hacks helped you, they definitely make my life easier, I know that as a fact! If you have any questions or if I was unclear on how to perform any of the hacks, just leave a comment and I’ll reply!


-XOXO Casey




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