Camping Stories

Three words; family camping trips. No, not just a regular camping trip with your parents and siblings, but with your entire family. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and only once a year at a new place each time. You get to see relatives you only rarely get to see, maybe twice a year at the most. Swimming, biking, fishing, campfires, scary stories, s’mores, and lots of adventures and memories. Me and my sister Sydney are really close to one of our cousins Maddie, we’re all girls and around the same age so we share a lot of the same interests. Last year, it was our first night at the campground and we decided we wanted to go night swimming… In order to get into the pool when it’s dark you have to jump the fence. Maddie and Sydney wanted me to go first, so as usual, I went first. Right as I jumped down inside the pool area the owner of the campground came down the hill. She started asking my sister and cousin a series of questions asking what they were doing by the pool fence so late and told them to go back to our site since it was now quiet hours. I was so sure she saw me, so I started pacing back and forth all nonchalantly so she wouldn’t get suspicious and think I was in there, but apparently she didn’t. As soon as she left and was out of ear shot we started dying laughing at how oblivious the lady was. That’s like one of those inside stories, you would have had to have been there to know how funny the situation truly was. Next up, we have the street sign incident… As you may know, campgrounds often have road signs to mark some of the different paths. What you may not know, is that they go down into the ground about four feet sometimes. Me and my cousin Chris decided to pull the sign out of the ground just for our own entertainment. We pulled one of them out and started walking around with the sign, when a campground officer starts coming down the road in his little golf cart. The worker looked directly at us, burped and drove off laughing… We were stunned with confusion but found the whole situation totally hilarious, and we continued our mission to put the sign back in. The next day the owner had an additional sign reading “Please do not move signs”.  Now for the bathrooms. Me, Sydney, Chris and Maddie had this crazy idea in our minds that the bathrooms were haunted when we were younger. To try to convince other people into believing our logic, we started following people into them at midnight and silently drawing on the mirrors while they were using the restroom, flicker lights and lock them in. One of he nights, I went into the women’s bathroom and decided it would be pretty “paranormal” if I stood on a toilet so they couldn’t see my feet and attach a clear elastic string to the flush handle of the toilet in my stall and on both sides of mine and flush them when someone was using one of them. All went well as it played out in my head, but when the first time rolled around, my foot slipped and I fell right onto the bathroom floor…Karma? I think yes. Now that I’ve embarrassed myself enough, I think I’ll wait to tell more stories about my family camping trips. Just one tip of advice: When standing on toilets, wear shoes and not just socks if you don’t want to fall in.

-XOXO Casey


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