10 Uses For Vaseline

Vaseline has been around for over 141 years. Why? Because of all the things it does for you! Let me tell you a few of the uses I have for Vaseline that I learned work absolutely amazing.

  1. It makes your skin super soft by clogging pores
  2. Eyebrow plucking is way less painful when you apply Vaseline on them before hand
  3. Makes your eyelashes grow (Who doesn’t like long eyelashes, right?)
  4. Soothes skin after shaving
  5. Prevents spray tan streaking (Nobody likes a messy tan!)
  6. Mix Vaseline with Kool-Aid powder to make a colorful, scented and flavorful lipgloss (Great surprise for your boyfriend.. Wink wink)
  7. Helps hydrate dry cuticles and elbows
  8. Perfume lasts so much longer if you rub some around the area before spraying your scent on
  9. Removes makeup from face and clothes
  10. Hides split ends in your hair

-XOXO Casey


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